Despite lackluster season, Raiders have 9th most jersey sales in NFL

Lids recently published the top 10 best-selling NFL jerseys by player and team for the 2014 NFL season. It’s no surprise that Peyton Manning top the list of best-selling player jerseys. The Broncos great is one of six quarterbacks in the top 10, joined by Colin Kaepernick (2nd), Russell Wilson (3rd), Johnny Manziel (4th), Tom Brady (5th), […]

Raiders look for first win against a reeling Chargers team

The San Diego Chargers are absolutely reeling thanks to three straight losses. The Oakland Raiders might know the feeling. Still searching for their first win and coming into week 11 at 0-9, the Raiders aim to hand the Bolts their fourth straight loss and nab their first victory of 2014, all at the same time. The intensity of […]

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The Raiders should embrace their youth movement

The Raiders are all about the future, now. They may not win a game this year and, at this point, any wins they get are fine but won’t help anything. It’s not that winning isn’t important to the team – it is very important to the organizational figures whose job depends on success- McKenzie and […]

A preview for Oakland’s November schedule

The Oakland Raiders have had a rough first half to the 2014 season, as they enter November without a win. Obviously avoiding the dreaded 0-16 finish is front and center, but the next month should be used for developing talent and overall assessment. Oakland has been visibly better under interim head coach Tony Sparano, as […]

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Raiders tickets 39% below average for this week’s game vs Arizona

The Oakland Raiders buried a football last week to symbolize a past that should be forgotten. Their new start almost went according to plan. While Derek Carr’s four touchdowns weren’t enough to earn Oakland’s first win of 2014 last week, he could have shown the signs of life needed to get there in Week 7. […]

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Raiders tickets 19% below average for Chargers game

The Oakland Raiders haven’t done much to get fans excited so far in 2014, but the firing of Dennis Allen at least offers promise for change. Interim coach Tony Sparano buried a football in practice to symbolize the team leaving a rough start in the past. Looking ahead to Week 6, Oakland at the very […]

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After Review: video study of the Raiders’ offense versus the Dolphins

Here are some observations on the Raiders offense versus the Miami Dolphins. I was not able to watch this game live due to a family emergency and I mostly watched the All-22 coaches film, which does not have the CBS announcer audio-track. Therefore, I do not know what the announcers focused on during the broadcast […]

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After Review: video study of the Raiders offense vs Patriots

Here are some thoughts, in no particular order, after re-watching every offensive snap of the Raiders’ week 3 game versus the Patriots using’s Game Rewind coaches film feature: -Darren McFadden continues to show poor vision. He struggled in the zone scheme (twice) because he was not able to see where holes would open up […]

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Raiders vs Texans: What to watch

The Raiders looked nothing like the team they want to be when they took the field last Sunday versus the Jets in New Jersey. The team wants to be a power run team but ran for a measly 1.7 yards per carry on only 15 carries. The team wants to boast a strong defense, but […]

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Takeaways: Thoughts on the Raiders 19-14 loss to the Jets

It is a make or break season for Raiders head coach Dennis Allen and his staff, who have gone 4-12 in their first two seasons in Oakland and must show improvement in 2014 to stay. You would think that sort of pressure would make a man edgy, but whatever reason, Allen doesn’t seem worried about […]

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Raiders Tickets Below Average For Series Opener Vs Jets

The New York Jets and Oakland Raiders clash in Week 1 to get the 2014 NFL season started, and both teams could put up a reason to exceed preseason expectations. This game also happens to be a solid value for fans from both sides, as the average price for Jets vs Raiders tickets is just […]

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Raiders vs Jets: What to watch

Real Raiders football – football that actually counts – is almost here! The Raiders start their regular season with an across-the-country trip to New York/New Jersey, to play the Jets on Sunday, at 10am PT. The Raiders have historically played poorly when traveling to the east coast and head coach Dennis Allen decided they would […]

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The Raiders announce initial 53

The Raiders, like all NFL teams, cut their team down from 75 to 53 players, today. Here are the players that initially made the cut. It should be said, however, that some of these players may not be on the squad, still, a week from now. The Raiders will likely make at least a couple […]