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With an upside to lengthen your life expectancy, decrease your risk of a manifold of diseases like lung and throat cancers, heart disease, and high blood pressure, to name a few, deciding to quit smoking literally saves your life.

There are many ways to help you quit smoking, like finding smart designer watches with app tracking technology, joining support groups, or delaying having a cigarette when you crave for one, but using nicotine replacement therapy is your best bet or you can try Velo as an alternative.

 In this article, I want to talk about over-the-counter nicotine pouches, what they are, how to use them, and the upside of using them.

So, what exactly are they? 

Nicotine pouches are pouches impregnated with either tobacco plant-derived nicotine or synthetic nicotine, which are used by persons trying to give up smoking. Nicotine pouches also called nicopods, come in a wide range of different nicotine strengths, from as low as 2mg to about 8mg per pouch.

Like many tobacco products, these nicopods also come in various flavors to choose from, like mint, citrus, coffee, and even cinnamon. So you don’t have to remain stuck with the average taste of tobacco.

How Do They Work?

When the pouch is administered, it delivers a small amount of nicotine through your skin into your bloodstream, reducing the craving for cigarettes and curbing the dependency on the drug.

Administering these pouches is very easy, and this is how:

  • Browse the selection of flavors offered and make your pick.
  • Open the can and take out a pouch. Don’t rip the pocket to expose the contents; it is essential that the casing is intact.
  • Roll the pouch between your thumb and index finger to wake up the contents in the pocket.
  • Place the pouch against your upper lip and gum, and the nicotine will gradually sip from the pocket and be absorbed into your bloodstream.
  • Once the flavor and nicotine are gone, remove the pouch and throw it away.

Advantages Of Using Nicopods

Unlike using cigarettes, nicopods are stain-free, smoke-free, drip-free, and tobacco-free. They don’t contain chemicals that damage the parts of DNA that protect us from cancer, making it harder for cells to repair any DNA damage and, over time, leading to cancer. They are small, affordable, convenient, and significantly reduce the risk of drug dependency. 

Since they come in different nicotine levels, it is possible to reduce your drug dependency slowly. It is recommended that the pouches be used for 8-10 weeks if you aim to quit smoking, though, towards the end of this period, you should switch to a lower dosage so that gradually you wean yourself off nicotine.


To quit smoking is incredibly difficult but not impossible. If you are determined to do it and are tired of having stained teeth, bad breath, and an ever lingering odor in your hair and clothes, nicopods are an excellent option for you.  

Smoking is a terrible habit, and it kills, and the fact that you are looking into ways to break this habit is a great start to a healthier future.