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What Are Football Betting Markets?

Is your mind boggled by the broad range of football betting markets? Would you like to get a far better understanding of just how each of these football markets works? In this article, we explain each of the major football and Cricket betting in IPL bet types.

What Is A Betting Market?

Betting markets are places where you will go in order to find odds for events on which you would like to bet. There are a lot of different types of betting markets across the different sports betting products with odds linked to all of them.

Using Betting Markets

The very best way to utilize betting markets is to make a decision about how you think the football match is will go. For instance match winner, a high-scoring game, a close game, or – alternatively – a big win. 

After this, pinpoint the betting market and check the odds to see if there is value in that specific market. If the odds are not attractive there may be another market which offers value.

Usually, bookmakers list all the sports that they cover notably on their home page. Choose the sport that you want to bet on and this will display the various competitions or – alternatively – tournaments. From there look for the particular match you would like to bet on and look for the betting market.

Bet by clicking the odds for the outcome that you have predicted.

1×2 / Match Result / FT Result / Match Odds

There are a lot of different names that are given to the “1×2” football betting market. These vary according to what bookmaker or betting exchange you utilize.

When you play a 1×2 bet, you will choose one of these three outcomes:

  • Home win (“1”),
  • The Draw (“X”), or
  • Away win (“2”).

Keep in mind that in the game of football, as opposed to some American sports, the home team will always be listed first. So, for example, if the fixture is “Tottenham v Arsenal”, then Tottenham will be playing at home.

You are only able to win your 1×2 bet by choosing the one right outcome from the three that are available. Winning bets are decided upon after 90 minutes together with stoppage time. Extra time and penalties are off the records, except if the market particularly states otherwise.

Match Result

This is by far the most prevalent soccer bet. There’s a reason for this. There are just two selections: choose the team that you think will win or show that you think the match will end up in a draw.

Much like Brownlow Medal betting, you’re picking the winner overall, and there’s nothing else to it.

Double Chance

Double Chance gives you the opportunity to back a lot more than one result from the 1×2 market in just one hit.

You can select between the following:

  • “1x” — for the Home team as well as the Draw,
  • “12” — for the Home team as well as the Away team, and
  • “x2” — for the Draw as well as the Away team.

You will win your Double Chance bet when one of the two outcomes you’ve chosen wins.