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Horse Racing Betting Strategies

There are a great many betting strategies for horse racing which bettors can utilise in order to boost their opportunities for winning. After swiftly going over the fundamentals of how to bet on horse racing, below are a couple of the most popular horse racing betting strategies as well as examples of how they can be utilised. 

The Dutch Betting Strategy

When betting, you shouldn’t just take time to do research on topics such as handicapping and knowing how utilising times to place bets on horses can assist you with increasing your chance of winning. In addition, you must know what strategy to utilise. 

The very first betting strategy that you should think about when betting on the next horse race is Dutch betting. This is also known as the dutching system and is where you are required to bet on more than one probable outcome of the same race rather than just backing one. 

The dutch betting strategy is commonly utilised in horse racing and football. This strategy’s main aim is to win – as well as profit from – one of the many outcomes that you bet on. The bettor’s wager will be likewise split and will be placed. 

In this way, either wager will provide you with equal profit. A dutching system may be a beneficial strategy that you can use so long as you know the correct wager to place.

Lay Betting Against A Runner

In horseracing, lay betting against a runner implies betting against a runner. And to trigger this bet, you’ll need to spot the three favourites of the race and then strategically analyse their odds.

After studying the three favourites of the race, choose runners with odds anywhere between 3.0 and 6.0. Lay against the most underdog in that particular race. Many bettors attest to winning far more than 80% of the time utilising this strategy. Take your time to monitor the top three runners and their odds before staking at a trusted site like Palmerbet.

Managing Your Bankroll

It is incredibly easy to get caught up in the trap of depositing a small amount of money into your account and then staking that amount on one single race in the hope that it will win and give you the opportunity to bet bigger. Very often it will lose, and you’ll deposit again and again to try and chase your losses. It’s a savage cycle that hardly ends in success.

If you are very serious about making a profit you must allocate a specific amount of funds strictly for betting purposes. This is known as your ‘bankroll’ and it’s basically your budget for betting. The gold standard of betting is to bet only what you can afford to lose.

Your bankroll could be any amount that you want, however it is important to begin with a decent amount which allows you to win a lot more than just a couple of dollars and have only a minor impact if you lose. The most important thing is to determine that specific amount and make sure it is an amount you are comfortable utilising. When there is a bankroll established, have a system in place for just how much you can bet on any race.