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Since casinos have had to close the doors, they have had no choice but to move online, saying that not all of them did decide to move online and they missed out on a record number of online users. Online casinos have made every effort to give the customer a proper casino experience from having online chat rooms to be able to invite friends to the games that you are playing. lists some of the most successful and used online casinos to date. The choice to move online has benefitted a lot of online casinos due to many people being able to gamble from either home, at work or down the pub. The decision to move to online and to smartphone apps has really paid off with online casinos now setting a record high for how many users they have had across their platforms. Online casinos offer the casino feel but with many different benefits as well, for instance when you make an account you can get welcome offers like free spins or a £10 free bet, you cannot get this in an actual casino so this is where online casinos can really make a statement by offering daily and weekly offers to new and existing customers.

It is unclear if all the casinos that have now moved online will ever open the casino doors again due to the online business being so popular and by far much more popular than an actual casino, only time will tell if these companies want to open the doors again or just stick to online only. Since online casinos hit record breaking numbers it is quite clear that all casinos are now turning to having an online presence and to have a mobile friendly app. You can read here about some betting shops / casinos that will be keeping the doors open as well as having an online presence. Many players won’t be returning to the casinos when they do open the doors again since they have to spend money travelling to the casino so a lot of them have realised this and will be sticking to playing online only. Online casinos are now putting in a lot of time and effort into digital marketing to make sure they are constantly appearing on the internet to attract new customers to sign up.