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A growing number of sporting events around the world have been given the green light to get back underway again, many across Europe have already started with the US having some delays – fortunately many will be played at an enhanced schedule to fit all the games required into the season – so which sports should you keep an eye, and what is looking to be exciting?

European Football

The first of the big sports to return to a normal schedule, but perhaps also has the most scheduled games set to take place. The French Ligue 1 had already been cancelled, but the top leagues in Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK are underway as they hope to play all games out before a September deadline in order to get the 20/21 season underway. Following this the Euro 2021 tournament had also been postponed until next year, as such there’s a lot of football to come – the end of this season, the start of next, and then straight into the Euros, it’s an exciting few months for football, and plenty to keep fans entertained given the three month delay. 

UK Racing

We’re just off the back of a very successful Royal Ascot as concern had been raised over what had happened during Cheltenham and how it had been considered a big part of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK – despite recent changes to the gamstop initiate which prevents some users from participating in betting there event was still hugely successful, an the good news for many is that you can bet on horse racing even if on gamstop – because of this it may be good to look out for future racing events, as they start to come back in a big way.


NASCAR has already held a number of successful events within the US despite the recent controversies that aren’t being found in the sport, the next big sport set to return however can be seen within Formula 1 as July 5th is being aimed at – an exciting time for fans as the 2020 season barely got underway before postponements and cancellations were rolled out in a big way. This could be a pivotal start too, a lot of changes are coming to these sports over the next two years with car requirements, driver requirements, and ruleset changes that could drastically alter the grid. There’s also growing concerns for the drivers here, it has been suggested that getting back into the swing of driving the high performance machines will come naturally, but a condensed schedule will take a toll on the drivers bodies as they will exert themselves physically after not being able to do so for a number of months.

Whatever you may be following, it’s an exciting time to be a sporting fan as many are set to return – there are a few such as the MLB and NFL that are yet to release any date for when they may return, so the next good news may be coming from that neck of the woods whilst we await any information on changes.