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If you don’t care about losing weight or looking ripped, it may feel like there’s no reason for you to exercise. Why bother putting yourself through pain if there’s no real goal for you to achieve? And you’re right. People don’t move without goals; working out just because other people say it’s good doesn’t work. You need to find your own reasons, your own motivation to start moving and keep doing it day after day.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should exercise more. Reasons that go beyond beauty, or something as nebulous as “living longer.” Here are some things you should consider.

1 – Mood regulation

Your mind and your body are not different entities. They affect each other. One of the main benefits of exercising comes from mood regulation; regular physical activity mixed with relaxed online betting NZ can reduce the symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety disorders. It also helps you feel energetic and motivated throughout your day.

2 – Meet interesting people

The social aspect of physical activity can’t go unmentioned. Not only can you meet new and interesting people at the gym or the local hiking trail, but by building a more fit and active body, you’ll make yourself more capable of engaging in all sorts of sports activities. You’ll be able to hike, run, play football, basketball, tennis, and many other sports.

Sure, you’ll still need to practice and learn the principles of each individual sport. But it’s a lot easier to practice when you aren’t gasping for air after five minutes of training.

3 – Give your days more structure

Routines are good for the brain in a wide variety of ways. If your life is hectic and unfocused overall, having a time where you work out every day can do wonders towards your mental health and wellbeing. Bonus points if you start waking up early to go to the gym, as that will both give you a routine and help regulate your sleep schedule.

4 – Become stronger

You may not care about looking ripped, but what about being able to defend yourself? Building up strength also means making yourself less vulnerable. You’ll hit harder and run faster than before, and in some situations, that extra edge might be all you need to save yourself or someone you care for. 

Plus, there is a certain confidence that comes with being strong. Especially if you start practicing a martial art.

5 – Build your determination

A lot of workout programs see you pushing your body to the point of failure. Meaning you will run until your body physically makes you stop, for example. But in order to reach that point, you’ll first have to keep running long past the point when your mind starts asking you to stop. Keep working hard despite the pain and the discomfort. It can be grueling, but if you can face those obstacles every day, you’ll build your determination, as well as gain more respect for yourself and what you can do.

Of course, doing that will also mean a lot of muscle pain, particularly when you are starting out. You can help reduce that pain by using CBD. Just make sure to get it from certified producers, like Cibdol.