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While you can enjoy a flawless bigscreen gambling experience on your computer, most players prefer using their mobile devices nowadays. It’s easy to understand the reasoning behind this: Mobile gambling is quicker, more convenient and in some cases even advantageous. But there are a fair share of misconceptions regarding mobile gaming, especially when it comes to safety and legitimacy. But which misconceptions are based on truth, and which ones are just completely wrong? Tag along as we take a closer look at mobile betting and casino in smartphones and tablets!

Licenses assure the highest security

Safety is and should of course always be of highest concern when gambling online. But playing on mobile devices does not have to compromise the safety of your experience. The key to ensuring this is to only play on licensed gambling websites. Different countries fall under different jurisdictions. For instance, Swedish betting websites fall under the Swedish Gambling Authority´s jurisdiction, UK casinos under the UK Gambling Commission´s etc. As long as you make sure to play at a properly licensed gambling website, you will get a safe experience regardless if you are playing on your phone, tablet or computer. For more information about the Swedish license and betting websites in Sweden, visit

The range of games on mobile platforms

One of the most common concerns is that mobile casinos offer fewer games than their computer counterparts. And there is actually a bit of truth to this, though not to the degree some seem to believe. Online casinos were invented way before mobile casinos hit the market. Because of this, the software used for games in the earlier days was a bit different than it is today. For instance, all modern casino games are based on the HTML5 coding language, while some earlier ones require Flash to be run. 

But naturally, players want to enjoy their old favourites on their mobile devices as well, and the game developers are very much aware of this. That is why all of the popular and well-known classics have been converted to a more modern format for mobile use. So you can still play all your favourite games on your mobile. However, the casino game developers did not bother converting unpopular or very outdated games to mobile formats, and that is the reason for this misconception (If you want to find out more about casino game developers, visit In other words; there may be more games available when playing on the computer, but all the player favourites are available on mobile phones and tablets.

Download the free app for a quicker experience

Players are never required to use an app to play with a gambling website, but it definitely makes the experience a lot better. Most sportsbooks and casinos offer free downloadable apps for both Android and iOS devices. They give you a quick desktop shortcut directly to the action. The apps are also made to optimize menus and design, which makes the experience smoother and quicker than in the browser. 

Mobile bonuses

Albeit a bit more uncommon today, some betting websites and casinos offer exclusive bonuses for the mobile players. This is in order to further promote their mobile platforms, and to show off their impressive apps. If you happen upon a mobile bonus, we recommend that you take advantage of it. Just don’t forget to read the terms and conditions first!