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Online casinos love rewarding their players with free spins, whether it be from casino bonuses, campaigns, as birthday presents or just out of the blue. Being one of the most popular forms of bonuses, casinos have tried to improve free spins many times, resulting in a large number of different types of free spins. This can be a bit confusing to some players, and especially new ones. In this guide we aim to get rid of the confusion once-and-for-all, and to clarify what the different casino free spins mean and how they work.
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Now let’s take a look at some of the free spins you can come across at online casinos!

Free spins with increased coin value

Unless otherwise specified, free spins come with the lowest possible coin value. What exactly does this mean? When playing a slot machine, you can adjust the coin value per spin. An increased coin value means a higher wager, and higher potential winnings. The minimum value is usually around €/$/£ 0.25, but sometimes as low as 0.1. In order to make free spins even more appealing, some casinos hand out spins with an increased coin value. These often have a made-up name such as Super Spins, Monster Spins, Mega Spins or something similar. These types of spins are especially popular in Northern countries, like Norway. For more information about Norwegian casinos, visit So the next time you come across a casino offering Mega Spins bonuses, you know that these are free spins with an increased coin value. 

Jackpot free spins

In general, you cannot use your free spins at slot machines that offer a progressive jackpot. Games such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune reach peak jackpots of 10-20 million, and most casinos do not want to hand out free spins for these games. There are exceptions to these rules however, and some online casinos hand out jackpot spins instead of regular free spins as an initial welcome offer. Which jackpot games can be played with the spins differ, and is usually stated in the terms and conditions. 

No deposit free spins

Some casinos also offer no deposit free spins in order to further entice potential players. These spins are free, and can be redeemed without depositing any real money. The only requirement is that players need to create an account at the website. Because they are completely free, these spins usually come with wagering requirements. Players also receive fewer free spins than they would have from making a deposit, usually around 5-25 spins on selected slot machines. 

Free spins without wagering requirements

Most casino bonuses come with wagering requirements, and free spins is no exception. But players are usually not big fans of wagering requirements, and the casino companies are aware of this. That is why some websites offer free spins without wagering requirements. The concept is simple: You make a deposit, claim your spins and use them up. Whatever winnings you make are yours to do what you want with. The casinos are banking on you enjoying the gaming experience and continuing playing after using up your spins, but disciplined players can take advantage of free spins without wagering requirements to get some quick and easy cash.