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Sports betting can provide a lot of fun and excitement for a person but the situation may get a bit complex for a player or a coach. So can these people bet naija mobile on sports? The answer is not that simple. First of all, players receive a contract from the club and within the contract; gambling and similar activities are discussed and agreed upon. Additionally, there are laws to be followed. 

Betting on the club

In case that the player or coach is betting on the matches played by their club, the answer is always no. Why? Well because they can influence the match and therefore this is strictly prohibited throughout the world. And, while their free to play at a bingo hall, the situation becomes a bit more complex in other cases. 

Different Teams/Sports 

Here, the question gets a bit tricky. Depending on the country where they play and on the contract that has been signed with the club, betting on different teams or sports is differently regulated. However, in most of the cases, it is either frowned upon or illegal because players from different teams or sports tend to be friends and could, therefore, provide inside data. Additionally, with the media image so important, it is frowned upon to bet. 


Land-based and online casinos, as well as horse and dog racing, are mostly not prohibited to a player because there is no way for a player to influence these games. 


Betting is mostly prohibited to players as well as coaches due to match-fixing and sharing of inside information. Think of it this way, inside info can be knowing that a player is injured prior to the media or being aware that one of the players is depressed. It can also be knowing that a locker-room atmosphere is negative which will influence the way that they play as a team. It is not legal to use these types of information for betting. 

Match-fixing is also highly prohibited everywhere and in most cases, people get caught. To sum up, it is mostly entirely prohibited for a player or a coach to bet on any sports but they can gamble on casino or races.