Conversations with Uncle Al

Hello Raider fans. I am sitting here by the red phone with THE Mr Al Davis on speed dial to answer any questions that fans may have. And although it may seem like he wouldn’t be open to such things, he has agreed to field my questions and listen to my suggestions whenever I feel […]

Raiders later picks outperform top picks

Through the years the Raiders first round picks have had Al Davis written all over them. Unfortunately though, for quite a while those picks have been dreadfull. The funny thing is though that once this team gets into the 2nd and 3rd round, it is an entirely different story. This has been the case since […]

2008 NFL Mock Draft

So here it is. My shot at a mock draft for 2008. Ok now let’s see. I am reading the Kiper book “Mock drafts for dummies” instruction manual and I am following them to the letter…First I need to put the board up on the wall…Then get out the darts…Put on the blind fold and […]

Who’s the draft expert here?

Not since Alcoholics Anonymous has there been a more well funded endeavor that has yielded such low and undocumented results than predicting the NFL draft. Mocks are fun, and all of the regular football fans get to go with whichever version they most agree with each year. Or just make one up of their own. In […]

Oakland Raider Greg Townsend in Modesto

Just a heads up to any readers who are in the Central Valley, Oakland Raider all time sacks leader Greg Townsend is at the Vintage Fare Mall today and tomorrow signing autographs from 12-4.30. If you can, stop by get his signature and talk with him. He is a really cool guy, and a Raider […]

Trufant Deal signals Asomugha deal could come soon

All of last year, there were many Raider fans worried about Nnamdi Asomugha’s impending Free Agent status. Now he is the last big name CB in the league who has yet to be signed to a long term deal. There is no question of what he means to this team. The only question is whether […]

Raider Optimism

I have been very critical of the Raiders acquisitions this offseasons as I always am. I go into the season with the same hopes as every other Raider fan. But any devoted fan should take a critical eye in regards to moves made by their beloved team. Especially a team that has the worst record […]

Recent Raider Drafts: Predictions vs Reality

There are those predictors who seem to be certain of what this team needs in the draft, and who will be available when it is their turn to draft. There are those who take the approach of trying to get in Al Davis’ head in deciding who will be taken in the draft. Let us not forget […]

Raiders, Browns: Two houses, both alike in dignity

On the surface, to a non die hard football fan there couldn’t be two more different teams than the Browns and the Raiders. However, over the past few seasons the Browns and Raiders hold some “erie” similarities. And who would have thought that despite their similarities, the Browns would be the ones to eventually see […]

A productive opening to free agency for Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders started the free agent signing period with a bang landing safety Gibril Wilson away from the world champion New York Giants. They also locked up their young defensive tackle Tommy Kelly with a long term deal and used the franchise tag to keep Nnamdi Asomugha. And from the addition by subtraction department, […]

Ekuban and Stallworth on Raiders visit list

Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune reports that Ebenezer Ekuban and Donte Stallworth are two players that the Raiders are looking to schedule a visit with. This shows that the Raiders are looking at positions of need. Ekuban should come at a reasonable price considering that he is coming off of a major injury. Stallworth […]

Free Agency update: Raider targets Berrian and Stallworth off the market, what’s next for Oakland?

The Oakland Raiders were looking at Bernard Berrian and Donte Stallworth as possible upgrades to their depleted wide receiver corps. Along the way Berrian stayed in the NFC North and and signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Donte Stallworth joined Brayon Edwards and Kellen Winslow in Cleveland to give the Browns a dangerous receiving squad. The […]

Newly released free agents: One teams trash…

There have been quite a few players cut in recent days to make room under the salary cap to sign free agents. This years FA class is one of the thinnest in recent memory at every position. While I hope the Raiders are active in the market, there are few players out there worth the […]