Raiders Week 9: Ballers & Busters

Once again I am forced to pick through the rubble of another Raider catastrophe in an attempt to find the daisies in the dung and the most horrid of the horrible. So this week I will take another approach. Really no one in this massacre deserves a medal of honor. I will however hand out […]

The Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol 12

– The fifth game of the World Series between the Phillies and the Rays was rained out in the middle of the 6th inning on Monday. After the game was called, Bud Selig had the rule book in hand to explain his decision. A World Series game has never been rained out before which is […]

Raiders Week 8: Ballers & Busters

LDizzle could not make it this week, so I will be filling in for him in doing the weekly edition of “Ballers and Busters.” This was a truly a team loss, as any 19 point loss is. There were some Silver linings, and they will be getting their respect, and there are also a few […]

The Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol. 11

– After Jaguars running back Fred Taylor suffered yet another concussion week six, the Jaguars announced that they will be fitting Taylor with a “concussion preventing helmet”. Which has led many to ask “What exactly has he been wearing up to this point?” In addition, Brandon Stokley said, “They have those?” – After the death […]

Raiders Week 7: Ballers & Busters

Although it was much nicer putting together an article after a Raider win, itwas equally difficult to sift through the game and find the good andthe bad. The odd thing about it is, despite an ugly, low scoring affairthat was littered with penalties, there were not a lot of glaringbusters in the game. And many […]

Raiders Week 6: Ballers & Busters

Unfortunately, yet again, there is not much good that can be said about this game. Because while the last two games had the Raiders ahead at half time only to blow the game, this one was never that close. As usual the Raiders looked great on their first offensive and defensive drives. First the Raiders […]

The Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol 9

– Last Thursday Peter Carroll grabbed a bunch of Trojans and went up to Oregon with the intention of pounding some beaver. He tried several times to penetrate, but still he was denied. He tried going up top and even tried the tight end but he was off his game and his approach lacked potency. […]

Raiders Week 4: Ballers & Busters

Ballers: Jonnie Lee Higgins He had a great kickoff return to start the game for the 2nd straight week. That first kickoff return is the most important because it gets the field position game started in the Raiders favor. He was also smart with the kicks that he didn’t return like letting any of them […]

The Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol. 8

– The stadium where the Oakland A’s and the Oakland Raiders play is now back to its original name: the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. That’s because McAfee Inc.’s 10-year contract with the stadium expired and the company chose not to renew it. McAfee will now become the sponsor for the Chargers’ new stadium in Los Angeles […]

Raiders Week 3: Ballers & BUSTER

This game was a tale of one player and the rest of the team. The Raiders had Ballers abound throughout this game but to find the Buster you need only start watching this game with 1:54 left on the clock at the end of the third quarter with the Raiders ahead 16-7. That last 16:54 […]

Raiders and Bills: Key Matchups

DE Derrick Burgess vs. OT Jason PetersJason Peters is trying return to full game shape having just been activated a week ago and Burgess is hoping to exploit that. Peters will no doubt need to be spelled when he gets winded and needs a break during the course of the game. Peters was recently asked […]

The Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol. 7

– In the Raiders’ win over the Chiefs on Sunday, JaMarcus Russell was repeatedly passing to whomever had CB Brandon Carr covering them. He was surprised to learn after the game that Chris Carr was actually with the Tennessee Titans. – After the first game of the season, Raiders Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan was extremely […]

Raiders Week 2: Ballers & Busters

While it was hard to tell whether the Raiders were better or the Chiefs were simply worse, the Raiders did play as they should have. As the analyists like to say “They beat the team they were supposed to beat”. And the experts are just going to say that this win was because the Chiefs […]

The Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol 6

– Despite the incident in which Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith punched fellow teammate Ken Lucas in the face, Lucas was quoted as saying he wants Steve to play. Lucas went on to say that Smith is “the best player on our team.” In response Dr Phil said, “You can’t invite this kind of abuse […]