Players who are known or reported to have met with the Raiders at the Combine

Every team has 60 interviews they are allowed at the Combine.  And, chances are that most if not all of the Raiders 2013 draft class had an interview with the Raiders in the Combine that started last week and lasted through Tuesday.

Every year, when the draft picks are interviewed for the first time after the Draft invariably they say that they met with the Raiders at the Combine and then didn't hear from the team again until Draft day.

This is because usually all NFL teams go out of their way to seem uninterested in players they are actually very interestedin acquiring so teams that pick around them won't take "their guy."

It's impossible to know everyone who met with the Raiders at the Combine unless the Raiders released a list which, of course, they would not do.

Instead we rely on players giving that information out.  Some of these players, like Geno Smith or Tyler Bray, are known interviews because the players said they spoke with the Raiders in front of the media.

Others may have just told one media member in passing so they are unconfirmed interviews.

Either way, here is the list of known or reported players who met with the Raiders as part of the team's 60 interviews allowed at the Combine:

QB Tyler Bray, Tennessee
OT Braden Brown, BYU
DT Jonathan Hankins, Ohio State
TE Travis Kelce, Cincinnati
RB Eddie Lacy, Alabama
QB Geno Smith, West Virginia
LB Mike Taylor, Wisconsin
DE Bjoern Werner, Florida St
WR Robert Woods, USC

The other 51 players the Raiders interviewed are unknown at this time but as more information comes out TFDS will share it with you.

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