Play Action: breaking down the Terrelle Pryor 17 yard read-option play

One of the most interesting play calls in the Raiders first preseason game was a read-option play in the second-quarter in which Terrelle Pryor was flanked by two tight ends and a running back behind him.

Pryor ended up keeping the ball and ran for 17 yards due to good blocking. I was interested in seeing how the play was drawn up so reviewed the play to chart it.

The play is a fairly basic read option but several players make key blocks to spring Pryor.

There are 5 linemen and two receivers at the line of scrimmage. The right WR is inconsequential – he just goes up to block his corner. The L receiver is Brice Butler (19) and he makes a good block on his corner to keep him out of the play until the end.

Behind the line of scrimmage, Pryor is flanked by tight ends Mychal Rivera (81) on the left and Jerome Mastrud (48) on the right. RB Jeremy Stewart (32) is behind him.

At the snap, the offensive line blocks to the right. Jeremy Stewart runs up and Pryor puts the ball in his chest, reading the play. He does not give Stewart the ball but instead runs to his L.

Initially, Rivera runs up to the L to block the L side of the line but, finding no one there to block, he goes deeper and leads Pryor out.

Mastrud makes a key block. One of the linebackers gets through the offensive line and would have had Pryor in the backfield but Mastrud comes across at an angle and gets in front of the linebacker, springing Pryor. Mastrud showed himself to be an able blocker, in camp.

Pryor sprints to the left, runs around the blocks and scampers up the field for a nice gain. The play formation obviously confused the defense, who didn’t seem to have a good idea how to defend against a zone read and Pryor and company executed the play well.

Here is a clip of the play. Skip to 1:33:


I’m looking forward to seeing more unusual formations for the Raiders this year and will continue to break down the play action.

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