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Sports betting has been around for over 2,000 years. History indicates that the ancient Greeks, who loved sports (be it gory ones or legit athletics), bet on such events. Today, sports betting is likened to a type of gambling that requires placing a bet or a wager on the result of a particular sporting event.  As it was, the main point of sports betting is to win money! Of course, a bettor could lose a wager, or win revenue based on the odds set by a bookmaker or bookie, unless another form of bet such as draw-no-bet bet or spread betting, was placed.

Betting on Sports

Waging on results of sporting events is the main thrust of sports betting. For example, in a basketball game between Raptors and Warriors, one bet could be Raptors winning over Warriors. Another bet could be Raptors beating Warriors by 8 points, or for Raptors to lead at half time, or for Warriors to lead in during the third quarter. When one bets on the outcome of a sports event, he said to be backing the outcome, whereas a bet against an outcome or results is known as a laybet. For example, one can bet against the Raptors winning the game against Warriors.

Sports betting are not all about wagering on the outcome of a particular sports event. It may include rates of stock exchange, and winner of America’s Got Talent. Sports betting are handled by a bookie, or a bookmaker, or a betting agency or sports book. It is a place for betting exchange. A person who places a bet is called a bettor in the USA, and a punter in the UK.

Sports Book Not a Casino

An online casino has nothing to do with sports. A sports book is not the place to look for online casino freebies such as slots free with bonus or free bingo.  The probabilities of winning in sports betting are highly estimated, whereas in online casinos, the house edge is shown and known to players. The outcome of any sports event is based on probability and guesswork. Much research on past games, speculations and luck are needed when sports betting. It is true that bookmakers generally do provide highly accurate odds, an experienced bettor or punter has the edge when sports betting.Sports betting is profitable and enjoyable. In some cases, free sports betting bonus is given by sports book to newly registered players. This type of promotion is available to, and grabbed by customers across the globe.