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Everything has a season and sports have the most. The favourite of these seasons, the summers so to say, are the ones where the fans get to watch the sports be played in full swing. With all teams participating, top of the line skills being showcased and top sportsmen getting the kind of game going that makes the sport as beloved by the fans as it is. On the other hand, there are also off-seasons. When the only ones playing are those who you do not care about or no one at all. Those might be some of the toughest seasons for most fans. What are you to do when your the NBA is not on? Well, we now have an emergency list of places to go if you are craving for a way to get over the fact that you cannot watch anything fresh on TV. 

Sports themed online games

One of the best places for getting over your craving for your favourite game, whether it be baseball, football or cricket, is one of the many websites dedicated to online games. These games either require your full involvement to be played right, can be played relatively passively, and some even can be made to feel even more real by betting real money on them. In case you are looking for the one we mentioned last in the above list, then you should check the list of online casinos that offer you a chance to play some of those games for free. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that involves you being a little more active, it is always possible to look up flash games that are related to sports. If you want something even more developed and more rife with rules, there are team manager simulators. If you want to just be directly involved in the games and play as one of the players, there are dozens of sports games released by many companies that can be purchased in any store and played with ease on either a console or a PC. 

Pardon my take

If you want something that feels a little fresher, even if the season is off, and involves a lot of discussion on the subject of what is happening in the world of sports and beyond, there is always the possibility of listening to the “Pardon my take” podcast. This podcast features two average dudes talking about all the different things that are currently happening all over the US, the world and in the sports-related world of the USA and beyond. They have some pretty interesting takes on many different subjects and usually have a very in-depth and interesting discussion of all things that are happening, especially in the NFL, MLB and NBA. While they are a little more centred around the USA, they have been branching out a little more to talk about international games as well, as the women’s football team from the US had an amazing performance this year around. 


If random dudes talking is not your thing and if pressing buttons and hoping for the best is not something you enjoy, there is always the possibility and the chance of really enjoying yourself by getting to go through Youtube’s library of highlights, replays and other sports gold. While it might have been hard to have had all of the historical highlights to watch through and talk about, now you can spend an entire afternoon going through highlights, discussions, analysis and more that is all available on Youtube. If you have ever wanted to try and understand how the world thought of a specific event about fifty years ago and how those points of views have changed since then there is no better place to go than Youtube. You can hear analysis from 50 years ago and then go on to listen to discussions from today, and gain a lot of knowledge from both.