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MLB is the abbreviation for Major League Baseball. This is a professional organization for baseball. Before discussing the mistakes, we shall first the basic hitting fundamentals of a baseball. These techniques are most important for a budding player as well as a champion. This forms the base for the play. It is not only for a sport but for everything if you get the base right then the rest that follows will also be right. This means you will travel in the right direction towards the right cause. 

Hitting is one of the most difficult parts of the baseball sport. This is because there is a lot of things involved in it. First and foremost, mind and body coordination are a must. The player must have the synchronization of the whole body. Also, the coordination between the eye and the hand is very very important. This requires a lot of concentration and control over your body. It is a great idea to practice exercises that would enhance the skill of synchronisation and coordination. This will be very helpful in the long run.

You are considered a better baseball player if you learn to control your body. Since the whole body needs to be in sync for this sport, the practice of several other activities relating to this like juggling would be helpful. Try activities that would require coordination from head to toe. As you proceed further into the game, all the joints of your body should be flexible and help you move swiftly. 

Jumping onto the topic let us see some of the baseball hitting mistakes that are made by all the players somewhere in their career. I am certain that they would have made this mistake at some point in their game. Here I have also provided some tips for these problems. 

The problem of collapsing on the backside is one common mistake. This leads to severe uppercut. The next problem is, sometimes, the hitter uses his front shoulder and pulls off the ball. When he does this, the ball is pulled off by his head. Practicing a fence drill with the focus on the hips can be helpful to correct this issue. 

Arm swinging can be a problem too. This problem is mainly because of the player not using the lower body in a proper way. While doing this, for the hands to go around the ball becomes a problem. When the lower body is not used properly then the swing goes out of sequence. By lower body, I mean that one should make a correct contact of the front foot with the back heel and this should slowly travel towards the hips moving to the upper body. Swinging involves the whole body to be in action. Practicing dry swing drills might be helpful in this issue. 

Here are some more tips that can improve the swing of the sport. There are five things that will make you swing like a pro. They are rhythm, load, separation, weight shift, and decide and release. These are like five parts of the swings of the baseball. When it comes to rhythm, it is said to be important not only in this sport but in any sport. Maintaining a rhythm in your body always keeps your body and mind relaxed. Only this mind state will let you play free. This also gives you a better speed. 

Moving into the next stage, it is the load. The load is the stage where you prepare to give an explosive swing. This is compared to the string of a bow that is ready to strike its arrow. The momentum gathered at this stage is responsible for the swing. This stage is the energy behind that powerful swing. The next stage separation allows you to hit the ball to travel the distance. In the portion of swing mechanics, you step and the movement of your hands is separated. All this should be done in a balanced launch position. In this position, your eyes must as quickly as possible to pick the ball and determine the pitch where it should be thrown if you have planned a swing. This operation allows you to get maximum speed from the bat that is possible. 

Now we shall see the weight shift position. This is the next stage from the separation position that we last saw. This is the swing that will help your hand to stretch like a rubber band and this stretch will push the hand into a fast zone as soon as possible. 

The last and most important of all the stages is this. The decide and release stage. As the name suggests, it is the stage where you decide if you want to swing. So, if you have decided to swing then you should be swinging the barrel of your bat towards the ball that is approaching you and try to score. In this stage, you not only decide if you want to swing but also decide if you hit will it be a strong hit. You have to act really quick. 

Apart from these techniques, you should also know the different pitches. Knowing the pitches and the movements associated with it is helpful for the pitcher as well as the batter. As a batter, you should know how to know what kind of pitch you are playing in. this will help you to play better and also helps you have good contact with the ball that is approaching you. 

I am sure, following these baseball tips, will surely help you in the long run. For a player, the sport chosen by you must be everything for you. Learn all the techniques, tips and tricks and be sure you are playing the sport right and play it with the right spirit. This will pave way for success.