Tebow vs Campbell vs rain

The Broncos meet up with the Raiders on Sunday in Oakland. This is a pivotal game for the Raiders, as is every one of their remaining games, as they make a push for the playoffs. The Broncos’ season has long been over. They called the season a wash a couple weeks ago when they fired […]

Darren McFadden 7 yards from Raider record books

Raiders running back Darren McFadden is currently sitting at 993 yards rushing on the season which means he needs just 7 yards to break the 1000 yard mark. He would be one of just a handful of Raiders all-time to reach the 1000 yard mark and the first since Justin Fargas had 1009 yards in 2007. […]

The Fans, McFadden, and Howard

The Oakland Raiders are playing with more confidence than they have for a very long time. But sellouts garner confidence also and this week’s game against the Denver Broncos will not be one. Although the Raiders are having their best season in nearly a decade of football, it appears the Oakland “faithful” are not completely […]

Raiders Pro Bowl ballot guide

Pro Bowl voting will end next week. And since fans can vote as many times as they like, you should be voting as often as possible. Many Raider fans will simply vote for all the Raider players on the ballot. But for those who are looking for the players that have actually earned a Pro […]

Bruce Gradkowski’s last Hoorah

When the Oakland Raiders signed Bruce Gradkowski in February of 2009, nobody expected him to be the subject of two Raiders’ quarterback controversies. Heck, for all we knew, it was just another camp arm that was brought in on the suggestion of new QB’s coach Paul Hackett, who had worked with Bruce in Tampa Bay […]

Raiders playoff window getting smaller but not closed

Heading into the Chargers game two weeks ago, the thinking was that the Raiders would have little or no wiggle room if they hoped to land a playoff berth. That was certainly the case then, even with a win over the Chargers, and that wiggle room just turned into a straight jacket. The loss to […]

Raiders Week 14: Ballers & Busters

Coming into this game, the Raiders feeling was that there is no room for error. One loss the rest of the way could mean the end of their playoff hopes. They played with that level of urgency in last week’s win over the Chargers and they came out in this game looking like they would […]

Raiders suffer defensive meltdown

The Oakland Raiders had a defensive meltdown in northern Florida as they were overtaken in the . After only scoring once in the first half, the Jaguars posted a 21 point third quarter. And by the time it was over, both Rashard Jennings and Maurice Jones-Drew had eclipsed the 100 yard mark.   With 1:53 left in the game, […]

Miller and Schilens to see full load… of blocking

The Raiders two best receivers of a year ago will both be back on the field Sunday. Zach Miller and Chaz Schilens are both expected to see a lot of playing time against the Jaguars. Schilens saw his first action of the season last week as he spent the first 11 games recovering from a […]

Keys to Victory in Jacksonville

Perhaps former Raiders middle linebacker, Kirk Morrison, said it best when he said, “We didn’t have that opportunity in the five years that I was there…to be playing December with so much at stake and with so much on the line.” Very, very true Kirk. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Raiders appear […]

For Raiders, talent is skipping months

Coming off the big win over the Chargers last Sunday, many people are now wondering “Where were these guys through November?” The Raiders play in this game was night and day to it’s play in the two previous game and they had just one hard fought win in entire the month of November. Luckily though, […]

Raiders face mirror image Sunday

 This Sunday the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders may find themselves in a battle with mirror images of themselves. On Sunday, I decided to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans game as my early game for the day. During the game, I found myself saying, “Wow, these Jaguars are really pounding the Titans today.” […]

Raiders Week 13: Ballers & Busters

Where did these guys come from? Just a week ago, the Raiders were playing one of their worst games this year and then they come out and have their best game of the year. The Raiders appeared to be on a skid that had many people wondering if they would recover this season. While the […]

Raiders win at the line with season on the line

After the Raiders had been demolished in the previous two games against the Steelers and Dolphins, they came into this game as a tremendous underdog to the Chargers. The Chargers are statistically the best defense in the NFL and their offense had been the best in the NFL over the month of November. But despite […]

Raiders pull the rug out from under the Super Chargers

The Oakland Raiders were against all odds today in San Diego. The Chargers came in as 12-point favorites to win. San Diego was on a four-game winning streak, Phillip Rivers was 18-0 as a starter in December, and the Raiders have lost two straight games and were looking completely flat as a team. But today, […]