Raiders Week 16: Ballers & Busters

Well, fool me twice. The Raiders came into this week’s matchup with the Texans looking like they had given up on the season. On the other hand, the Texans, were one of the hottest teams in the NFL. Not only that, but the Raiders had never beaten the Texans and this Raiders team did not […]

The Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol 18

Good day sports fans! LDizzle here and full of holiday spirit. No specific holiday, just the generic spirit that any old holiday would bring. Not to say that a holiday has to be accompanied by spirit. It might not even be spirit. But whatever it is, I’m full of it. Let’s move on. Tonight! Tom […]

Raiders Week 15: Ballers & Busters

Each week I think it can’t get any worse and then, it does. Every week I say “what’s the point” and yet each week the endeavor gets more and more pointless. The only thing that helps me keep my sanity when watching these games is the analytical perspective. I find it interesting that just last […]

Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol 17

Good Day sports fans. LDizzle here to talk TFDS and it’s readers off the ledge…at least until Sunday. So sit back, relax, and take a break from porn to get this week’s raw, unadulterated sports news with my usual no nonsense, no spin, no sarcasm statements of pure fact. Tonight! How will Matt Cassel play Sunday in the […]

Raiders Week 14: Ballers & Busters

This weeks breakdown would fall into the “What’s the point” category. After a thrashing like this it seems rather pointless to figure out who was most responsible and how it all went wrong. Afterall, when absolutely everything seems to go wrong, it is pretty much an overall failure of team wide proportions. This game was […]

Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol 16

Good day sports fans and welcome to the sweet sixteen edition of The NNISN. As usual we here at the Disassociated Press bring the headlines to you so fresh that they are still steaming. Tonight! Are the Raiders going to right the ship and beat the Chargers? Does the pope crap in the woods? How many bad […]

Raiders Week 13: Ballers & Busters

So much for turning the corner. Just a week removed from a decisive victory over the Broncos on their home field, the Raiders revert back to being the cure for what ails the opposition. The Chiefs had just ONE win all season coming into the game including nine straight losses but it turns out that […]

Raiders Week 12: Ballers & Busters

The Raider Nation is rejoicing this week after the Raiders beat down the Broncos IN DENVER and sent all of them donkey fans home to cry in their Coors Light. I had a funny feeling about this game and despite everyone insisting the Raiders were going to get trampled by this years vaunted “Orange Blush” […]

Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News: Vol 15

Good day everyone. Old faithful LDizzle here. It is time again for my unique coverage of the news from around the sports world. I leave few stones unturned, unpassed or unthrown. Tonight! Is the McNabb, “I didn’t know there could be a tie”, story dead? Let’s ponder that and talk about it for a week or so. Jim Fassel […]

Raiders Week 11: Ballers & Busters

These days the hardest thing, I find, with studying these games and putting together the list of those who played well and those who didn’t, is the redundancy. It seems more and more that the same guys make the plays and the same guys don’t. With little exception from game to game. Then of course […]

Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol 14

Good day ladies and gents, It’s the Sinister Denizen of the Darkside LDizzle here to bring you the news from around the sports world. As always, we bring it to you unfiltered and fair and balanced. That means equal opportunity offending with some less equal offending reserved for certain teams and individuals as I see fit. Tonight! Mormons hate […]

Raiders Week 10: Ballers & Busters

So here we are again mourning another loss. This time instead of a blow out or a heartbreaker it was just a complete lack of execution. In a game that any halfway decent team should have won, this team somehow found a way to lose anyway. Hopefully among the Ballers and Busters, some reasoning can […]

Carolina Panthers ugly, Oakland Raiders uglier

Well, the Raiders dropped another one. This time it was the Carolina Panthers who came into Oakland and escaped with a 17-6 victory. I don’t know about you but I am pretty sick of hearing terms like “career high” in regards to the team the Raiders are playing. For instance, DeAngelo Williams ran for a […]

Not Necessarily Incorrect Sports News Vol 13

– University of Washington head football coach Tyrone Willingham announced last week that he will be stepping down after this season. Several other Pac-10 coaches have said that they “wish him well” and “It is sad to see him go. We really enjoyed the past couple of seasons of considering our game against Washington as […]