Raiders 2013 draft class reports with real-ish insights

Here's a link to last year's rookie reports. Now let's get to this year's…   1st round pick: cornerback D.J. Hayden, Houston     Strengths -Good change of direction/fluid in the hips and with his back pedal -Past two years at Houston he’s had six interceptions, with three stealthily scooted in for TD’s -Has good speed […]

I have a bad feeling about this

  The Force was not with the Raiders again last Sunday. I'd like to tell you it was due to something different I haven't told you before. I'd like to tell you it was a loss that really meant something to the players. I'd like to tell you it will never happen again… but I […]

Raiders use the force, shut down Chiefs

  It's a beautiful thing when our team wins, eh Nation? Time and time again, we have not seen our Oakland Raider scheme execute in a manner we would like it to. Week after week, we wonder what type of players we have on our team; pondering which players should stay and which players should […]

I can feel your anger

  It can't be masked, overlooked or denied; we are honestly a weak, underachieving, dreadful team. If you look at games long enough as I have, you will also realize we are one of the WORST Raider teams as well. Since 2007, the Oakland Raiders have won at least 4 games. Right now? We are […]


  It is truly the same as it ever was. The idea of being a true offensive and defensive threat has now turned into an impossible dream of a dream. In the beginning, we had players that had proven their capability, we had Coaches that were promising and Management that was inspiring to the infamous […]

A great disturbance in the force

  Well, now, there goes the Oakland Raiders playoff hopes… in November. Sigh, there lies a great disturbance in the Force indeed. If anyone thought we would not come to see this day, I sense you were farther than delusional (and that's coming from a guy who dresses as a Sith Lord every year).  It […]

Into the garbage chute

  So this is it? This is how we discover what kind of team the Raiders are? After all that was said in the past, after all of the grinding, promises about change, and continuous banter about the greatness being in the future, this is how we show what we truly are? Into the garbage […]

Wipe them out all of them?

  Our Journey to the Dark Side is now complete. There obviously were not a lot of positives in this game. What makes matters worse is the fact that in only a few weeks, the fans and team will finally realize this is not a playoff team by any imagination. At times, we have been […]

The Stockton Menace

  My second home was louder than roaring cannons, Sunday. My voice was hoarse. My skin was sweaty. My armor, heavy. My family, happy and for once. Optimistic. It seemed like that Oakland magic was about to rear its pretty little head again. You all have seen it before. After security took my lightsaber away, […]

A presence I’ve not felt since…

DOMINANCE! That is what happened last Sunday in Kansas City. If it could only be that easy every week, Raider Nation! Enjoy the Victory! Impressive. MOST IMPRESSIVE! I don't really care if it was ugly, scrappy, or difficult to watch. I also don't give a Death Star damn what type of team they were labeled as […]

The tale of McFadden to continue elsewhere?

Once upon a time the Oakland Raiders drafted Darren Mcfadden (Arkansas) fourth overall in the 2008 NFL Draft. He was to be paired with the flappy-armed, candy-assed jug of a mammoth in Jamarcus Russell. That didn’t work out. Mainly because Russell was a Wilson — and was cast away. McFadden has had multiple foot injuries […]

Now that’s more like it

  It may not of been pretty, it may not of been exciting or pleasing to the eye, but boy howdy did we get the damn job done! Great shot kids, that was one in a million! Sometimes all you have left is the "will to win"! There we were, starting early in the 3rd […]

The power of progress

  Some losses are the worst kind. They are the kind that sting, the kind that hurt, and the kind that bug you throughout the week. They are the kind of losses that makes you break things, the kind that turn you into the Incredible Hulk, and make you want to scream at people until […]

Don’t quit on these Oakland Raiders

Editors note: I am proud to introduce to the Dark Side, Raider Nation Superfan himself; Darth Raider. Yes, THAT Darth Raider. The man in the black suit and cape who sits in the North endzone opposite the Black Hole aptly named "The Dark Side" merely because of his presence. He is home at last to […]

Peyton won’t be Manning the West- Will the Raiders?

There’s a question football fans have asked themselves this off season, and it alludes to the record column in Denver: Can John Elway and Peyton Manning REALLY get it up? They won nine games with Tim Tebow. But Tebow and his crucifix were run out of town for the very well-known and well-liked Manning brother. Yes, […]