I have a bad feeling about this


The Force was not with the Raiders again last Sunday. I'd like to tell you it was due to something different I haven't told you before. I'd like to tell you it was a loss that really meant something to the players. I'd like to tell you it will never happen again… but I just can't tell you that.

To be honest, I've had a bad feeling about this season since week 2. It makes you simply want to fast forward time and wait until we have a team that is truly worth a damn. Damnation, if I only had that power.

One day we'll have a quarterback that is accurate, durable, full of energy and throws a strong ball. He'll run when he needs to run, check down when he needs to check down and make the "Al Davis" pass when the game calls for it.

We had quarterbacks in the past that executed in that manner. There was Lamonica, Stabler, Punkett and finally Gannon who took us to the next level, as the Raider Nation was reborn once again in Oakland.

Since then we've been waiting. Waiting for the greatness of a QB leader to sit at his silver and black throne.

Is there a quarterback on this squad at the present time? I'd like to think so. For all the good things I hear of Terrelle Pryor, I also hear many bad things as well. Sure, I hear the fans as well as writers boast of how the opposition will turn around with his mere presence on the field, but as a realest, I can honestly say I believe we don't have much yet.   

If our man gets more reps in the future and possibly next game, maybe that's when we'll truly know if we have something. For now I'm still not sold.



Hell, what Offense? Our #1 quarterback goes down with injury, our #2 goes in and plays average (thanks Matt Leinart for 115 yards) , while our promising #3 only gets a chance to make one pass.

At least NINE different receivers got a chance to touch the ball. Too bad the longest reception was made by Mr. Pryor — the entertaining 3rd string quarterback.

It makes you wonder if the man would ever want to switch positions in the future.

When the running game is THIS bad (McFadden 33 yards, Goodson 12), it's hard to imagine if they can ever get this Silver and Black trailer out of the mud.

Can you imagine how many groans the Raider Nation will bellow if we ever hear the words "Zone Blocking" again after 2012?


None of the players could keep up with the hyped star, Cam Newton. It's not like the quarterback really impressed anyone with his average passing, it's always his fierce running ability you have to worry about… oh, and his Jackie Chan like kicks.

Tommy Kelly, you did the right thing in defending your team. I don't care what the rules state. If the enemy tries to take out one of your guys you go "Thug Life" as well. If you get kicked, a push is also truly validated. It's not like you're playing for anything besides respect anyway.

Notes from NFL.com Game Summary:

Coach Dennis Allen said Palmer was taken to the hospital after the game, but X-rays on his ribs were negative.

Earlier in the game Newton appeared to kick Kelly as he got up from being sacked. Kelly was penalized for unnecessary roughness when he pushed back after the play.

"He kicked me," Kelly said. "I guess he thought I was trying to do something to his leg, but I don't play like that. How are you going to react if someone kicks you? Are you just going to take it?"

With Palmer out, the Raiders' offense was rendered ineffective.

Carolina's defense limited the Raiders to 189 total yards and 12 first downs.

Newton and the Panthers staked to 14-3 lead at halftime and let linebacker Luke Kuechly and the defense do the rest.

"That's his first extended action in a regular-season game in a long time, so I'm sure there was a little bit of rust there," Allen said of Leinart. "But, at the end of the day, when you lose your starting quarterback, there are a lot of other guys who have got to step up, and we didn't have enough guys that make enough plays for us offensively."Palmer's replacement, Matt Leinart, managed only 115 yards passing in three-plus quarters and was intercepted once by Kuechly, setting up Carolina's second touchdown of the game.

Newton accounted for 231 of the 271 yards for the Panthers, who have won four of their last five games under coach Ron Rivera.

The Raiders (4-11), losers of seven of eight, were held to 47 yards rushing on 22 carries. Their longest play was a 22-yard reception by third-string quarterback Terrelle Pryor on a trick play.

To read the entire game Summary, click here

One last game to go, Nation! Sure, I'm excited as you are about a high draft pick but it's the Chargers! Wouldn't it be nice to see Phillip Rivers sacked just a few more times? How about we play great for 3 quarters and then tank in the 4th? Sound Good?!

Nah, I thought not- GO RAIDERS!

-Darth Raider

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