Raiders lose to Eagles, must work to correct many mistakes

The Raiders fell to the Eagles 49-20, today, losing to a Philadelphia team that entered the game 3-5. At home in Oakland, the Raiders looked overwhelmed by the Eagles passing attack as quarterbacked by Nick Foles.

The Eagles came out in their hurry-up offense and the Raiders defense was not able to keep up with the Eagles the entire game.

The Raiders’ vaunted secondary gave up a team-record seven passing touchdowns to the Eagles suddenly hot passing game, while creating zero turnovers. The seven passing touchdowns tied an NFL record, as well.

First round pick DJ Hayden was a particularly favorite target of the Eagles as he was in coverage on 3 of the passing TDs, giving up two TD passes to Riley Cooper and another deep pass to DeSean Jackson to boot.

Overall, the Raiders defense looked awful, showing a complete inability to stop an Eagles offense that has not been exactly dominant this year.

The Raiders now try to pick up the pieces of the season, falling to 3-5. The loss, itself, isn’t too terrible as the Raiders weren’t likely to make the playoffs, anyway, this season. However, the way the team lost – by being beaten and battered in every aspect – means the Raiders’ coaching staff and players must find a way to forget about this week and move forward to improve in the weeks to come.

The Raiders upcoming schedule pitts them against a number of beatable teams but they’ll need to do it on the road as they are playing away from home four of the next five weeks. They play at home, next, in three weeks versus Tennessee but that game is bracket by away games versus the Giants, Texans, Cowboys, and Jets.

Terrelle Pryor, who has been a great surprise this season with his progress, struggled in the game. He had some explosive plays, of course, but also seemed to struggle with decision making about when to pass instead of run. On many plays, he would feel pressure and would run out of the pocket, only to pull up and try to throw the ball instead of using his feet to make plays.

Also, Pryor struggled to use the pocket to his advantage. Too many times, Pryor felt pressure and instead of stepping up into the pocket and keeping his eyes downfield, he would run out and backwards, losing his vision downfield and also losing precious moments to read and react to the coverage.

Instead, by the time he got his eyes back downfield, the defense would already be converging onto Pryor’s position so he wasn’t able to make a play because he was trying to re-locate his receivers after taking his eyes away.

Adding injury to insult, Pryor left the game with about 7 minutes left in the game after tweaking his knee. His status to start next week versus the Jets.

His backup, undrafted rookie Matt McGloin struggled in his place, even though many of the Eagles’ starters had left the game already.

In fact It’s hard to tell which was worse – the Raiders offense, defense, or special teams. All three looked thoroughly overmatched.

The Raiders hope the results of this game were simply one team getting hot and the game getting out of hand rather than a true reflection of where the Raiders are as a team.

Dennis Allen and company will look at this week's tape and try to pick up the pieces so they can use this season to grow.

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