Exploring the Raiders’ draft trade options

The NFL draft is now just 10 days away.  By this time in 10 days the Raiders #3 pick will have come and gone.  Will the Raiders have chosen a young player they will hang their hopes on to revitalize the franchise?

Or, instead, will the team have, as many have reported is their preference, traded down in the first round.

If the Raiders trade down there seem to be really only 4 teams that would be interested in moving up to the #3 overall spot at this point: #5 Detroit Lions, #7 Arizona Cardinals, #8 Buffalo Bills or #12 Miami Dolphins.

Of these, the Lions and Cardinals make the most sense right now.  I’ll start with the scenario I find most often from the media these days: the Kansas Chiefs take Luke Joeckel #1 overall and the Jaguars take their franchise QB in Geno Smith #2.

If this occurs there are a couple of players remaining that most think are elite but only one, LT Eric Fisher, is at a really premium position.

This is important because a couple of the teams, Arizona and Detroit, are really built to win now. Miami would also love a franchise LT to pair with last year’s first round pick, Ryan Tannehill.

The most likely of these is Arizona.  They wouldn’t have to move up far – only 4 spots from #7 to #3.  They are also looking to win now because they have a stifling defense and one of the best WRs in the league in Larry Fitzgerald.

Arizona already traded with the Raiders once, for QB Carson Palmer, but his vertical arm won’t do them any good if they can’t keep him upright.

The Cardinals are in need of a franchise LT and they probably can’t afford to wait until pick 7 and hope that Eric Fisher falls to him.  If they like him they will likely need to move up to get him.

Jimmy Johnson’s old draft trade value chart had been falling a bit by the wayside prior to the new CBA because the amounts of dollars it took to sign players in the top 10 was making a bit prohibitive to consider trading for them.

The new CBA has  rejuvenated the list, however.  With the rookie contracts under control, teams are willing to be more aggressive by trading up for a guy they think they must have.

Under Johnson’s trade value chart the #3 overall pick is worth 2,200 points.  The #7 pick, where the Cardinals are currently slated to pick, is worth only 1,500.  That pick must be part of the deal, of course.

So must the Card’s 2nd round pick, 38th overall, which is worth 520 points on the chart.  So the Cards are up to 2,020 points with their first and second round picks.

The Raiders might find that compensation close enough to warrant the trade as they would love to pick up a 2nd round pick but if they do have someone they love at #3, they could always push for more from AZ – for example AZ’s 5th round pick which would allow them to recover a pick in that round as well.

Of course, AZ isn’t the only team with incentive to win right away.  In Detroit, Jim Schwartz is on the hot seat and their starting LT, Jeff Backus, retired unexpectedly recently.  They also would be a good option to trade up if they wanted to secure a franchise LT.

Here is a look at what each team would have to likely trade:

Get: Oakland’s #3 overall pick, worth 2,200 points

Detroit: #5 (1700) + #36 (540) = 2,240

AZ: #7 (1500 points) + #38 (520) + #103 (88) and #140 (36) = 2,144

Buffalo, who would likely only trade up if Geno Smith were still available

Buffalo: #8 (1400) +#41 (490) + #71 (235) = 2,125

Miami: #12 (1200) + #42 (480) + #54 (360) + #82(180) = 2,220

Time will tell if there is any interest in moving up into the Raiders spot. The Raiders would likely love to trade down and be able to pick up additional picks later in the draft.  By this time 10 days from now, we'll know if that occured or not.

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