Moving on…

I thought it only right that I let all the loyal Thoughts From the Dark Side readers (and anyone else who happens to pop in) know that I will be moving on to an exciting new sports writing venture that will mean I will no longer be producing content for TFDS. I will be covering the team we love as the Lead Writer for our friends over at Silver and Black Pride and SB Nation.

Not to worry though. TFDS will be in more than capable hands. There is a talented stable of writers and contributors on board who will continue to keep you informed and produce high quality work in keeping with what you have all come to expect from TFDS.

I truly appreciate all of the amazing and intelligent fans and readers who have frequented this site and read my musings over the past few years. And if you would like to continue to read my work, just pop on over to anytime.

And as always, follow me on Twitter @LeviDamien or befriend me on facebook.

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