2010 NFL Schedule: Oakland Raiders

Finally, after a long delay, the 2010 NFL schedule has been released. The Raiders have no prime time games this year, which is not surprising considering their record over the last few years. They have a week 10 bye. Their schedule is backloaded with divisional games.

Week 1: Raiders at Tennessee Titans 10:00 am CBS

Week 2: St Louis Rams at Raiders 1:00 pm FOX

Week 3: Raiders at Arizona Cardinals 1:00 pm CBS

Week 4: Houston Texans at Raiders 1:00 pm CBS

Week 5: San Diego Chargers at Raiders 1:00 pm CBS

Week 6: Raiders at San Francisco 49ers 1:00 pm CBS

Week 7: Raiders at Denver Broncos 1:00 CBS

Week 8: Seattle Seahawks at Raiders 1:00 FOX

Week 9: Kansas City Chiefs at Raiders 1:00 CBS

Week 10: BYE

Week 11: Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers 10:00 am CBS

Week 12: Miami Dolphins at Raiders 1:00 pm CBS

Week 13: Raiders at San Diego Chargers 1:00 pm CBS

Week 14: Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars 10:00 am CBS

Week 15: Denver Broncos at Raiders 1:00 pm CBS

Week 16: Indianapolis Colts at Raiders 1:00 pm CBS

Week 17: Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 pm CBS

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